• You are a content creator with audience
  • You have just posted an awesome content or video on youtube or on other social media platforms
  • Now, your fans are asking followup questions about the subject discussed in the content
  • Your time is limited and you cannot respond to all your fans' follow up questions

Have you thought of accepting donations and pledges from subscribers to provide personalized response to their questions?

How it works

  • As a content creator with audience you have a profile page on the askmee web app
  • In your profile page, you have three response types: video, voice or text. The web app allows you to seamlessly video record or voice record your response. No additional video/voice recording software is required
  • Set a minimum pledge or donation amount for each response type
  • Share your profile page with your fans
  • Fans who need personalized response to their questions, go to your profile page to choose a response type and make a pledge/donation.
  • You respond to fans question.
  • Fan receives your personalized reponse to his question
  • Pledge amount gets deposited to your account

Get Early Access

Version 1 is launching very soon

Benefit Number 1

Additional revenue stream from your social media channels- youtube, facebook etc.

Benefit Number 2

An interactive medium and a more effective way to actively respond to fans' social media comment questions.

Benefit Number 3

Simplified voice, video and text response to fans questions.

Want to be one of our early adopters?